R.E.V.I.E.W: Identify and Remember Safe Digging Best Practices

R.Review the Ticket InformationReview the ticket information to make sure it matches where you’re digging.
It is best practice to have a copy of your location request on the job site with you.
E.Evaluate the Job SiteIt is always best practice to evaluate your job site for private utilities or any unknowns.
Ask yourself does the job site match the information on the ticket?
V.Validate the MarkingsWe cannot begin to dig without first validating the marks.
Check that each utility has responded.
Do the utility responses and mark outs match your Automatic Positive Response (APR)  from Dig Safely New York?
I.Identify the Tolerance ZoneThe Tolerance Zone is defined as the distance of one-half of the known diameter plus two (2) feet,
on either side of the designated center line of the marked facility.
E.Excavate Using Hand Digging MethodsHand expose lines within the Tolerance Zone and cross section using hand tools.
W.Work CarefullyMore than just creating an emergency, damaging a utility, and failing to report, can harm families,
communities, and dreams. When working, follow the golden rule – work as you would for your loved ones.