Convince Your Boss: Certified Excavator Program

Need help convincing your boss?
We’re here for you.

You understand the importance of staying ahead of the pending law, effective Saturday, May 4, 2019, staying safe on work sites, and beating competition. You know, that Dig Safely New York, Inc.’s Certified Excavator Program can provide you and your team, with just that.

Your boss, on the other hand, may have other thoughts. To be fair, they’re busy meeting deadlines, overseeing crews, and balancing budgets. Taking time out of an already stretched schedule now, may not seem at the top of the priority list — but if ignored, could bring business to a screeching halt later.

Speaking Points
Help your boss, your team, and your community, increase your safety, with the helpful tools below. Don’t waste time, advocate to become a Certified Excavator today.

1. You’ll comply with the law.
Effective, Saturday, May 4, 2019, the amendment to 16 NYCRR Part 753, provides that any local government or operator that contracts for excavation, as well as their hired contractors, must ensure that the excavator has completed an approved training and education program. The Certified Excavator Program in Safe Digging Best Practices is an approved training course. For a visual display of impacted excavators, click here.

2. It fits your needs.
You have a busy schedule, we respect that. The Certified Excavator Program is available in-person and online, combining various learning styles. To learn more about the Certified Excavator Program, click here.

3. You can’t put a price on safety.
Fines associated with unsafe digging practices, may come at a hefty cost. While the safety of your team, community, and yourself — is priceless. The Certified Excavator Program educates in Safe Digging Best Practices, helping to make each digging project, a safer one.

4. Build Business
Need more reasons? Don’t worry, we have them. Click here to learn more.

Request Approval To Receive Training
To help you advocate for safety, Dig Safely New York, Inc. has placed together the following letter that you can use to request training. 
Click here to access the letter.