A destination is a combination of two things:

  • A method for sending stakeout requests
  • A place to which stakeout requests are sent

The Receiving Hardware Guide  includes helpful hints and criteria for equipment to receive transmissions from Dig Safely New York

Daily Audits

Each destination is offered the opportunity to receive a daily audit transmission for free. A daily audit is a list of ticket IDs and sequence numbers sent to a destination (fax/printer/e‑mail) that day.

Audits only include stakeout requests sent since the auditing was enabled; therefore, once the feature is enabled, you will receive a complete audit the following day.

Audits are sent per a combination of a service area and destination. A destination may receive more than one audit if it has multiple service areas using it, and if a service area uses multiple destinations, the total notices sent to that service area will be spread over all audits sent to its destinations.

The following is an example audit.

FROM UFPO      03/05/2002 AT 10:28
*                 TICKET AUDIT FOR TRANSMISSIONS ON: 03/01/2002               *

03012-028-001-00  E 0001   02142-014-057-01 +P 0009   03012-047-003-00  R 0018   
02262-039-051-01 +P 0021   03012-012-010-00  R 0037   03012-560-018-00  R 0047   
02252-032-061-01 +P 0055   03012-016-009-00  R 0057   03012-032-023-00  R 0068   
03012-032-024-00  R 0076   03012-047-006-00  R 0085   02262-021-006-01 +I 0088   
03012-016-021-00  R 0095   03012-021-044-00  R 0096   03012-033-012-00  R 0100   
03012-053-041-00  R 0107   03012-012-040-00  R 0108   03012-016-022-00  R 0109   
03012-560-048-00  R 0113   03012-560-058-00  R 0115   03012-012-044-00  R 0122   
03012-014-014-00  R 0124   03012-013-056-00  R 0132   03012-013-057-00  R 0133   
03012-012-054-00  R 0141   03012-014-019-00  R 0142   03012-033-021-00  R 0145   
03012-033-022-00  R 0147   03012-033-023-00  R 0149   03012-040-045-00  R 0164   
03012-055-004-00  R 0166   03012-028-047-00  P 0167   03012-040-049-00  R 0168   
03012-040-058-00  R 0186   03012-055-010-00  I 0189   03012-047-042-00  R 0205   

 (+) RETRANSMIT - 0004         (E) EMERGENCY    - 0001
 (-) RESENT     - 0000         (P) PRIORITY     - 0004
 (!) CANCEL     - 0000         (I) INSUFFICIENT - 0002
 ( ) NORMAL     - 0032         (R) REGULAR      - 0029
                               (G) GAS EMERG    - 0000
                               (D) DESIGN       - 0000

                                   TOTAL        - 0036

In the example above, the notice ID, priority of the notice, and sequence number of the delivery are included for each item sent to the destination for that service area; however, there are gaps in the sequence numbers. It is clear that there is more than one service area using each of these destinations. Sequence numbers are not for the service area — they are for the destination, regardless of what is sent or for whom it was sent.

Dispatch Options

If your service area will be affected by an excavation, you will receive excavation details from Dig Safely New York according to each destination you have set up.


destination is a method of sending information to a specific device. The following methods are currently available:

  • Modem (printer/computer)
  • Fax
  • Telephone 
  • E-mail (most useful, but not recommended for life safety: very unreliable, and is not supervised )
  • SOAP/XML (requires programming skill on your part) 

A typical service area must have at least one destination, but may have two or more. The following are categories of destinations:

  • Primary destination (sometimes called the "daytime" destination): where the majority of notifications will be sent
  • Alternate destination: backup method of sending notifications; available if the primary destination is unavailable
  • Nighttime destination: can be used as an additional "wake up" notice in addition to the primary
  • Design destination: can be used to route design requests to a place other than your normal stakeout group
  • Copy destination: will receive the same notifications as some other destination 


The following filters can be applied for each destination:

  • Use this destination based on priority/lead time of ticket, relative to your service area's business hours (select any):
    • Emergencies (no notice; threat to life, property, or public welfare)
    • Priorities (no notice; not a threat to life, property, or public welfare)
    • Less than 240 minutes
    • Over 240 minutes
    • Survey/design request
    • Gas emergency
  • Use this destination based on priority, relative to calendar business hours (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) (select any):
    • Emergencies (no notice; threat to life, property, and public welfare)
    • Priorities (no notice; not a threat to life, property, and public welfare)
    • Insufficient notice (fewer than 2 full working days)
    • Regular notice (more than 2 full working days)
    • Survey/design request
    • Gas emergency
  • Ignore priority/lead time: send all types to this destination

For each destination, sending can be enabled based on your service area's business hours, the day of week, the time of day, or holidays. The following are basic rules used to create destination sets:

  • Use this destination any time
  • Use this destination during the business hours of the service area
  • Use this destination after the business hours of the service area
  • Use this destination during a custom time period for each/any day of week
  • Use this destination during holidays